My name is Rachel Weil. I have lived in Seneca Falls for 12 years and have been teaching history at Cornell University for more than twenty. I’m running for county supervisor because I think I have the skills that we need in Seneca Falls to grapple with the hard issues we face here. As a teacher, I try to help my students understand all sides of an issue, and make sure that everyone is included in the discussion. We definitely have issues to discuss: how to make Seneca Falls more affordable and livable, how to protect the environment and still create jobs, how to repair and roads and keep up sewer and water systems without sending our taxes through the roof, how to stop the opioid epidemic. Our county government has a big effect on the quality of life here in Seneca Falls, but too often no one pays attention to it: people don’t run for office, voter turnout is low, no one talks about the issues. So I’m stepping up to run in order to change that. I want to run an issue oriented campaign, to get an honest conversation going about the issues voters care about. I’m committed to transparent government, to making sure that we all know how our tax money is being spent and that important decisions are made openly, with all voices being heard. I don’t take money from corporations, I’m relying on small donations from people who live here. I hope you will support my campaign and join the conversation about how to make Seneca Falls a better place to live.